Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday madness

Well turns out i didnt take a single picture all day.  Ooops! Today we found out swimming lessons were canceled... While we were at swimming lessons! Then we went shopping and pokemoning. That is about all i did today.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday with geodes

Today after dinner the kids all broke open the geodes that grandpa bought them up in ky. They all had pretty good ones! The girls also hooked upa tv in the playhouse and enjoyed the renovations grandpa had made there, air conditioning, lights and new walls and floors.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Heading home and the frist museum

This morning we got up and packed and headed out towards home. We stopped in Nashville to explore the Friat art museum and eat at sushi train again. The museum was juat as awesome as i remembered it. The downstaira had some interesting piecea and upstairs in the kids area, we all got to play with art. I made a carving print, water colors, clay sculpture and more. The boys spent most of the time making stop motion videos. James fell in LOVE with the make our own digital kaleidoscope computer and spent almost all the time there. It was so fun to make art together. After the museum we all had more sushi and then went home. I am exhausted! Such a fun trip.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mammoth cave

Last night was HOT HOT HOT. It finally cooled down around 2am so i did get a bit of sleep. The kids were up early so that meant thw grownups were too.after breakfast mom and i went to the visitors center to see if we could get tickets for a tour. Everyone else had tickets we had bought in advance but the tour mom, james and i were able to go on because of physical dificulties was sold out for presale. Unfortunately, the "day of" tickets sold out befor we got to the front of the line and the only tour left was the disabled tour. It wasnt what we wanted but it was all we could get.  We went back to the cabin until it was time for the tour. Everyone else went on the regular tour around the same time. Our tour was ok, a bit dull but there wernt any stairs and only minimal walking. We got to aee some beautiful gypsum flowers and listen to the cavern resonate in a certain spot when we hummmed a b flat. After our tour, we went to a&w for frosty rootbeera while we waited for everyone else to be done with their tour. In the afternoon kristy and i took ella brenna and jonas to the "trog tour" a spelunking tour foe kids. James and wes stayed behind to go fishing with dad and jon. Kk and i had to stick around the area during the tour so we made the sacrifice to sit in the air conditioning and wait for the kids to get back. The seemed to have a really great time crawling around the cave. Once everyone was back, we went into town and had a delicious mexican feast.  Then back to the cabin for some lawn darts and bed time.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sushi train and kentucky down under

Today started our mammoth cave adventure. We got up, finished packing and headed out by 9am. We headed up to Nashville to have lunch at Sushi Train, a conveyor belt sushi resteraunt. They have an all you can eat lunch Buffett and we all stuffed ourselves silly. I believe between the 10 of us we polished off 97 plates! After we rolled ourselves out of the resteraunt we drove the rest of the way to mammoth cave kentucky. We went straight to "kentucky down under" a small adventure zoo. Since the zoo was situated up on a big hill dad was very kind and rented one of their golf carts for me and mom to drive around so we could participate too. We had so much fun! The kids got to pet snakes, see lemurs, feed kangaroos, emus, and wallabees, see and touch gian tortoises, goats and ponies. We went to see the lorikeets and feed them and the kids loved having them land on their heads! We were all hot and sweaty, it was 100*, and the lorrakeets thought we made great salt licks. They also have a small cavern on the property. It was a really neat cave. It was a very wet, very active cave. It was also very small but that was good too so i could do it without problems. After we explored the park we headed over to the mammoth cave park to check into our cabin. The cabin was nice enough, basically 4 bedrooms connected by 2 baths. The only downside was that their was no air conditioning, which normally wouldnt be too much of a problem, but since the temp was 97 and the feels like temp was 105-109 it was a bit of a struggle for this pregnant lady. Dad was kind enough to bring a fan for my bedroom so i didnt completely melt. After we unloaded the cars, dad, jon, and kristy headed off to a candlelight tour of the caverns . mom and i fed the kids and put them to bed. It was a good, but hot first day of vacation.